Ten Awesome Tweets Celebrating the Texans Playoff Win

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There's nothing like playoff victory to get the juices flowing...or the fingers typing. As with most things these days, when it happens in real life, it will be reported shortly thereafter on Twitter. When the Texans defeated the Bengals for their first ever playoff win, it came as no surprise to anyone that fans would start tweeting...right before they started drinking.

We're all up in the Texans' spirit here too and even caught ourselves wanting to tweet something clever like, "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" but so many others did the job for us. Here are some of our favorite tweets celebrating victory.

Arian Foster scored two touchdowns and ran for more than 150 yards, dominating at the point of attack. This tweet sums it up nicely...and in children's book format.

Okay, this wasn't after the game, technically, but we couldn't help it. When Foster scored his first touchdown, he emulated Hakeem Olajuwon's "Dream Shake" as a celebration. We think this is an obvious follow-up.

We love it when everyone gets involved. "We love the Texans!" Where are our donuts?

Non-sports fans must have been a little annoyed by their Twitter stream as evidenced by this.

Twitter wasn't the only place suffering from congestion apparently.

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