Brandon Larue Jackson: Serious About Face Ink, Charged with Murder

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Brandon Larue Jackson
There is commitment to your tats and then there is COMMITMENT! In the case of Brandon Larue Jackson, the man is serious when it comes to his ink. Unfortunately, he is also being accused of the shooting death of Casey D. Read on July 7, 2010.

The 26-year-old Jackson was already in jail on an unrelated homicide case when he was charged with the murder of Reed, 43, who was found dead at 2200 Riverside near Hermann Park, according to media reports and the Houston Police Department.

There had been no witnesses to the shooting last July, but a Crime Stoppers tip on Halloween last year led police to Jackson. After an interview, Jackson admitted he was involved in Reed's death.

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thug; eject him like a dead bug

Jim C
Jim C

That's not even a face a mother could love.


any mother can love any face if its hers, now fix yours

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