Five of This Year's Super Bowl Ads, Rated: Beckham's Junk, Seinfeld's Desperation -- It's Gonna Be a Long Sunday

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Super Bowl Sunday means more talk about television ads than at any other time of the year.

Companies are now leaking previews and extended versions of the ads online, meaning you can get some idea just how good/bad things will be.

Let's just say it doesn't look promising, if these five ads are any indication.

We have Jerry Seinfeld working very hard, David Beckham in his undies, Matthew Broderick trying to cash in on his most famous role and other attempts to grab your attention.

Do they succeed? We rate them:

5. Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno
Star power: Meh. Seinfeld is an okay get -- he only does ads when he likes the concept and execution -- but Leno is not exactly hard to book.
Funny? Batting average on the gags is about .150, and that's being generous. Points for Soup Nazi, we guess.
Score: Two out of five.

4. Ferris Bueller's Day To Cash In
Star Power: You mean they actually got Matthew Broderick? Dude is very underrated, which means he's not exactly turning down many offers.
Funny? Sadly, no. You're supposed to re-watch it many times to get all the references, but why bother?

Score: Two out of five. Come on, you couldn't give us a little Mia Sara?

3. Bend It Like Beckham's Junk
Star power: Strong, if you like soccer.
Funny? Hilarious, if you take into account how they never show how big Beckham's bulge is. Think of the children!!
Score: Three out of five if you're female or a gay dude. Points deducted for the last shot, where Beckham looks like he's about to put a pinkie in his mouth and bat his eyelashes.

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I thought the Bueller one was done pretty well.  But I was in High School when this came out so maybe it is more nostalgiac to me than, say, a 25 year old.

Khalil McMillan
Khalil McMillan

I concur.  The "Bueller" was funny as helll.  The rest....meh!  Totally underwhelming.

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