Winter's Coming: 9 NSFW Snowman Sex Pictures (That You'd Never See in Houston)

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Oh, Frosty.
Winter is here in full force, which means in Houston the temperature might be 65 degrees or it might be 30 degrees. If it does get freezing, though, it won't last long.

That means we miss the sheer joy of shoveling driveways, parking spaces in front of houses, and sidewalks. Of trudging frozenly through snow and tripping on ice.

Those are all good things to miss.

Some bad things to miss are skiing, sledding or skateboarding, and making snowmen. Especially pornographic snowmen.

In order to give you a taste of what we're missing here, we've gathered nine great snowman sex pictures from around the Web. After the first one, these are NSFW, so think before you click.

9. Let's give them something to talk about
The women in the background just can't turn away.

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That's pretty original. Turning snowmen into porn women. It's gotta be a gift of some sort. I actually saw one not even close to as good as these in Chicago and got a pic of it with my iPhone as i'm humping it. It's my screen saver.


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