Welcome to Sugar Land, Skeeters!! Never Mind About the $24K Worth of Copper Stolen from Your Ballpark!

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A warm welcome
The new minor league baseball team the Sugar Land Skeeters got a nice introduction to their hometown over the New Year's weekend when thieves broke into the stadium the team is building and stole $24,000 worth of copper.

Life in the big city, fellas.

Fox 26 reports that 46 copper reels went missing from Constellation Field sometime the night of December 30.

The thieves forced their way into a third-floor storage room to do the deed, which seems to imply that they knew where the stuff was stored, since it wasn't just lying around.

There's no security-cam footage, but police are trying to track down the perps.



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Does anyone know of a place where I can trade in 46 copper reels for about 12,000 2 dollar bills?   It isn't for me, I have a friend of a friend that wants to know.

Richard Doll
Richard Doll

We seriously need to boost the penalties for these thefts, and put out of business any company that knowingly buys these "scraps".  I'm willing to be the $24,000.00 worth of stolen copper yeilded the theives a cool 100 $2.00 bills...


Makes you appreciate the cutting off of hands.

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