Houston Rockets 1993 vs. Houston Rockets 2012, the Hard Truth

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Rockets need more than Rowdies this year.
It's been a tough start for the hapless Rockets. With early injury problems, a trade that didn't happen in the lockout-shortened offseason and a new, unproven coach, it's no wonder the first few weeks of the season have been somewhere between "OH GOD NO!" and "Just shoot me."

This, of course, makes it highly unfair to compare them to one of the greatest teams in the history of the franchise, the 1993 championship winners. But, I thought it was an exercise worth doing if for no other reason than to illustrate the ladder this current team has to climb.

I should point out that I like a lot of the players on this team, but it takes stars to win. As Rockets superfan site ClutchFans.net pointed out just before the season started:

Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Moses Malone, Isiah Thomas, Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, Tim Duncan, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett and now Dirk Nowitzki. The harsh reality (and poorly-kept secret) about the NBA is that one or more of these 11 superstars have been on the roster of 31 of the last 32 Championship teams. Which current Rocket would you put in that class? Having a superstar isn't a luxury -- it's mandatory.

So, unfair as it may be, here's a look at how the two rosters compare.

The Bench
Most great teams shorten their bench to about eight guys during the playoffs, but they almost always rely on ten or 11 during the season. In the case of 1993, there were ten guys important to the Rockets' success. This year, who knows. It could go out to 12, 14 or 16 with all the various lineups they'll need to try. For now, I chose the five guys getting the most time.

Scott Brooks vs. Jordan Hill
Hill began the season starting, but is now in a back-up role. Brooks was an integral part of the rotation until rookie Sam Cassell started playing well. Hill has all the upside here, but doesn't appear to be able to harness it. Brooks had no size and not a ton of skill, but worked his ass off. Today, he's the coach of the best team in the Western Conference, the Oklahoma City Thunder.
Advantage: Brooks

Carl Herrera vs. Patrick Patterson
Carl "Amigo" Herrera was a tough-minded lefty power forward who could have occasional flashes of offense. Patterson has substantially more upside and is already a far more developed offensive player.
Advantage: Patterson

Matt Bullard vs. Chandler Parsons
This is an interesting matchup. Both are tall, offensive-minded white guys, but Bullard was clearly the better shooter and Parsons clearly the better athlete. Given the look at just the one year, it's tough to argue over Bull with his experiences and occasional late-game heroics, but Parsons could develop.
Advantage: Bullard

Mario Elie vs. Courtney Lee
Perhaps the closest matchup of everyone on this list. Both are hard-nosed defenders who can sink an outside shot, but prefer taking it to the hoop. Lee is the more polished player on the floor and likely the better athlete, but Elie was the emotional center of both championship runs and gave us the "Kiss of Death."
Advantage: Elie

Sam Cassell vs. Goran Dragic
Cassell started out his rookie season buried on the bench, marked as an unreliable wildcard. As the season progressed, he got more minutes and eventually became a huge part of the Rockets playoff rotation. Dragic has shown, when given the chance, he can be a triple threat as a scorer, rebounder and assist man.
Advantage: Cassell

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Now I have to watch highlight videos from those two seasons all day long. Pretty good way to spend the day.


Kyle Lowry is an All-Star caliber player, maybe the most underrated guy in the NBA. He is completely disruptive on both ends of the court. Kenny was a better clutch shooter, but Kyle is the better basketball player.


By the end of this year, you'll probably be right.

Taylor R.
Taylor R.

The team you left out was the Detroit Pistons, who was their best player? Chauncey Billups, who is Kyle Lowry's game most often compared to, that's right, Chauncey Billups. Now, not saying any other guys on this team compare to another player on that Pistons team, but I do think Kyle can be a centerpiece to a very even-talented defensive basketball team.

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