Rick Perry Quits: Five Months of Comic Greatness Down the Drain

He'll always have Iowa.
When Rick Perry first announced his intention to be the leader of the free world back in August, we were gleeful at the comic possibilities his race would bring.

Alas, the free world, or at least that part of it that isn't rabid Tea Party frothers, didn't want Perry.

He is quitting the race today. In one last piece of comic goodness, he is endorsing Newt Gingrich.

Perry's run has been as entertaining as we thought it would be, if not more.

There were the debates, where his Perry-esque performance -- even before the infamous "oops" -- inspired this movie poster.

There were the unending string of verbal faux pas that led to the Dumb Rick Perry Quotes Random Generator, which led to hours of clicking fun.

There was Perry's heretofore undisclosed personality trait which renders him gigglingly giddy over maple syrup.

And there was so much more. We're sure he would have won South Carolina as handily as he beat Buddy Roemer in New Hampshire, but we'll never know.

There was one good thing to come out of the run besides the entertainment. While still in the throes of delusion that he could somehow not appear to be a rube, Perry threw in the towel and kept Texas from having Confederate-flag license plates.

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Last week, he called on a mannequin during a press conference.

At that point, I was really hoping this 0.7% man had some more life left in him. 

Oh well. 

Maybe in 2016. The GOP seems to like their nominees second-time around.


What a clusterfuck of a campaign this guy ran and unfortunately he get's to come back to Texas and keep on keepin on.


Good he is worthless anyway, about   time he did somrthing right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady Writer
Lady Writer

A complete joke of a candidate. But since he's coming back to be our governor, I guess that makes the joke on us...?

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