Google Shuttering Popular Photo Editing Tool Picnik: Top 8 Alternatives

Google announced that as of April 19, it will shut down Picnik, an online photo editing tool acquired by the company in 2010, and bundle some of the editing tools into their over-arching Google+ platform. The staff of Picnik remains with Google and apparently is working to add features from the editing software into Google+, but the photo tool, popular particularly among those uncomfortable with the complexity and price of Photoshop, will be shut down in April.

Flickr, which offered one-click editing options using Picnik, announced it would remove that capability and replace it with its own set of tools on January 13, but no one was certain why the move was made until now.

For those who used Picnik regularly and who either don't want or need Photoshop, the change leaves them needing an alternative source for online photo editing, a service often utilized by bloggers and amateur photographers.

If you are down in the dumps over the loss of Picnik, here are eight alternatives to help salve your wounds. Note that there are some great free editors like Picasa (also owned by Google) and Gimp (open source) available for download, but for the purposes of this, I am focusing on online editing tools.

8. Pixer

This is about as simple as it gets. Zero special effects or advanced editing tools, but if you just need to quickly resize or rotate an image, this works. Careful as the editing icons are right above links to Google ads and are easily confused.

7. Snipshot

Snipshot is super easy to use, but in order to gain access to the more advanced features, you have to pay for them - $9 per month or $5 for a two-week pass.

6. Photoshop Express

Yes, the photo mega-editing software has an extremely stripped down online version. It's a tad slow, but it is a good basic online editor.

5. Pixenate

Pixenate is another hyper simple offering similar to Pixer but with more basic tools that include brightness, color manipulation, red eye adjustment and smile whitening(?).

4. Phixr

Of all the over simplified online editors, this is the easiest to use and the most sophisticated. From text tools to framing to collage tools, it far surpasses it's low end competition.

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Just spent an hour using pixlr before finishing your article.  thanks for the article!


DUde, this is like the coolest thing I have ever seen. I mean like totally wow.Total-Privacy dot US

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