Lunchtime Video Goodness: The Oilers & Browns, Freezing Their Butts Off in 1977

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The suspect is described as a white male...
Ah, NFL Films circa 1977.

This bit of net goodness features comical musical accompaniment that is, thankfully, no longer on Steve Sabol's playlist.

It also features the Houston Oilers freezing their asses off in snowbound Cleveland's Municipal Stadium.

This is old-time football: love the empty folding chairs in the snowpile as Billy "White Shoes" Johnson celebrates his TD. (The punt-return TD described thusly: "Where larger men feared to tread, the Oilers' Billy Johnson, number 84, proved to be Hans Brinker in white skates." The NFL needs more Hans Brinker references, dammit.)



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south main
south main

Billy: Now THAT'S how you celebrate a TD!


Love old school Dan Pastorini - not the best QB ever, but damn good.

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