Attorney to Judge: Please Make Michael Brown Stop Spending Money on Strippers!

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A screencap from the now-defunct Stacy Shey Web site.
The divorce lawyer for cocaine-ologist and former hand surgeon Michael Brown's estranged wife have filed a Family Court motion accusing him of violating agreed orders by spending nearly half a million dollars on strippers in 2011.

Rachel Brown's attorney, David Brown (no relation), alleges that the good doctor spent $130,000 on stripper and adult model Ashley Brouillette, a.k.a. Stacy Shey, between December 2010 and May 2011, and $360,000 on three other (unnamed) strippers during the same period.

The alleged expenditures were not reasonable or necessary living expenses and were not authorized by the separated couple's agreed temporary orders, according to the motion.

The stripper expenses join a host of previously alleged violations, including Michael Brown's purchase of a home adjacent to the Memorial mansion -- through a company he owns -- occupied by Rachel since the separation, in order to spy on her; and allegations that he attached electronic monitoring devices to her Mercedes in 2011.

It's been an interesting past few weeks for the Handy-Man: first a stripper alleges that Brown, who's so unconvincingly tried to portray himself as a family man, paid for the privilege of steadily banging her and three of her colleagues; and then a woman files suit in New York City, accusing him of knowingly giving her anal and vaginal herpes.

Frankly, we don't know why he stopped seeing Brouillette -- for one thing, according to her Twitter, she just bumped her breasts up to a D-cup: "It's off to the surgery center, time for tits!"

We've got calls in to David Brown and Robert Kuehm, Michael Brown's attorney, and will update if we hear back.

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15 grand/mo?  little tyrone is going to harvard!


Let me tell you about little ol michael.  I knew him when he was doing his surgical residency. He screwed around with everything that would lay down then and he is still doing it now.  He "dated" a nurse in the ER that we finally fired for stealing narcotics.  She would come to work every day and give us the "blow by blow" activities with him from the night before.  It was disgusting.  I am a pretty liberal person and frankly I did not care one way or the other what he did.  But I needed for him to be awake and alert to take care of patients.  It sounds like he is just as immature as he was then.  And let me say something else.  I am sure that women are "attracted " to him, for his wallet.  Some people will do anything for money and unfortunately he has a lot of it to spend.  It is a real shame that he never grew up to become responsible. I feel extremely sorry for his children.  


Well this is all very sophisticated

Jim porter
Jim porter

I forget, has he won any best of Houston awards? Because every time I see his name show up in one of these headlines it really fills my heart with joy.

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