Melissa Rendon and Sabrina Pierce: Jailed After Christmas-Morn Hammer Attack

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Harris County Jail
Darryl Strawberry's life takes another sad turn...Wait, strike that. This is actually accused thunder-goddess Sabrina Pierce.
Two women from east Houston's trailer-riffic Cloverleaf section are behind bars after they allegedly used a hammer to separate a man from his wallet on Christmas Day.

According to a criminal complaint, Melissa Rendon flagged down the man's car in the 1100 block of Freeport, near the plush, lavishly appointed Modo Inn Motel. In tears, Rendon claimed to have been in a terrible argument with her girlfriend and begged the man for a ride.

The man attempted to oblige, but before he could do so, Sabrina Pierce, the allegedly angry girlfriend, showed up and started talking to Rendon, who exited the man's car. And then Pierce jumped in, and, according to the complaint, whipped out a hammer and started whaling on the man.

Harris County Jail
Melissa Rendon: Has a rare feat on her criminal record.
Rendon reportedly yelled out a helpful reminder to Pierce -- namely, according to the complaint, that she mustn't forget to snatch the man's wallet before he got away.

Merry Christmas and welcome to Cloverleaf, motherfucker.

It's unclear how the man got away. Apparently, he left Pierce in his car, and she did not get his wallet. He must have grabbed his keys, too, because they didn't drive off in his ride.

The man called 911 and the women were picked up by a Harris County Constable inside of an hour, who detained, identified and released the women. About three weeks later, the victim met with a Harris County Sheriff's deputy and picked both women out of a photo lineup. The victim said he wanted to press charges of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

Rendon was arrested Friday and is being held in lieu of $50,000 bond. Highlights from her impressive criminal career include convictions for crack, a mugging at scissors-point, and two simple assaults.

She has also pulled off a sick criminal hat-trick of sorts, racking up convictions for both endangering her child and abusing the elderly, in her case, her 73-year-old ex-boyfriend, who she socked in the mouth when he refused her plea for money.

Man, Cloverleaf ain't no joke.

Alleged hammerwoman Pierce, 41, has nothing worse than seven crack convictions and a single burglary on her record. We're thinking Rendon was a bad influence on her. Her bail was set at $30,000.

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thats my mommy sabrina pierce, i wish i can reach her smh... i have to goto texas to see her

Nightmare on Bagby
Nightmare on Bagby

Assuming we can substitute a hammer for the rock... let's see, we've got hammer, scissors and now all we need is a way to mug someone with a sheet of paper for the Trailer-Park Hat Trick of all time!


White trash victimizing duh black man


thats a woman and thats my mom, but she is not a man

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