Guillermo Villarreal & Leoncio Sanchez: Buying 17,000 Rounds of Ammo at Academy Stores Will Raise Eyebrows

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Gimme back -- gimme back my bullets...
If you live in Texas, or much of the South, you've probably heard the bouncy jingle "Academy Sports & Outdoors -- the right stuff, the right price!"

This apparently holds true if you're in the market for a ton of ammunition to sneak into Mexico.

Guillermo Enrique Villarreal, 37, of Brownsville, and Leoncio Sanchez, a U.S. citizen living in Matamoros, pleaded guilty today to an ammunition-smuggling scheme, the U.S. Attorney's office in Houston said.

Prosecutors say the pair were being watched by federal agents and, on three separate trips, purchased 17,000 rounds of ammo from Academy stores in the Valley.

That's a lot of bullets.

The two hid the stash in the cab of their truck, but consented to a search when agents arrested them.

They are charged with exporting defense articles without a license and face up to 20 years imprisonment, followed by a maximum of three years of supervised release in addition to a fine of up to $1 million.

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The Police State strikes again.  They bought a lot of ammo - so what!  It's not against the law to buy lots of ammo.  And they weren't arrested as they crossed the border so, again, no laws were broken.  Too bad they couldn't have afforded a decent lawyer.


Nobody buys that much ammo at the end of Deer season. A purchase like that wouldn't have seemed odd in early November.

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