You Won't Believe the Mugshots on the ETX Grinches Who Stole $20K Worth of Foster Kids' Toys

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Gregg County Jail
Sarah Adams: Suspected Grinch #1
Back in early December we brought you an awful story about a group of thieves breaking into a storage space and making off with $20,000 worth of toys that were supposed to be placed under the Christmas trees of East Texas foster children.

This week Longview police have found what remains of that haul in two stash-spots. They have also identified two suspects: Stacy Adams and Racheal Bradley, who is listed as the owner of the barbershop where some of the toys were found. They believe that the two women sold and/or gave away the toys that were not recovered.

bradley 3.jpg
Longview Police
Racheal Bradley: Alleged Grinch #2
Adams has a long record for various driving offenses and probation violations, but Bradley appears to have avoided trouble up to now. She's smiling in the photo here because it's her Texas Drivers License pic and not her mugshot.

And since she has such a Jane Fonda flair, we've decided to include Adams's TDL photo too.

adams 2.jpg
Longview Police
Wonder if she's got the leg-warmers to match?

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Adams TDL photo was obviously prior to her current meth addiction. 

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