Eric Dowlen: Cops Say He Assaulted Two Dudes with Pit Bull

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Eric Dowlen: A boy and his pit.
Nassau Bay cops say a man assaulted two neighbors with a deadly weapon -- namely, his pit bull terrier.

According to a criminal complaint and published reports, 33-year-old Eric James Dowlen sicced the pit on a 21-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy with whom he had been arguing Sunday night at the Balboa apartment complex on San Sebastian Court on the shores of Clear Lake.

Nassau Bay police chief Joey Cashiola told the Galveston County Daily News yesterday that the two victims were taken to St. John Hospital.

There they were treated for multiple non-life-threatening dog bites to their arms and legs and later released.

The pooch was taken and placed under quarantine. Dowlen was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and has been released in lieu of a $30,000 bond.

Per Facebook, the heavily-inked Dowlen has an interesting job -- he is a remote-control pilot of marine vehicles. He's also a big-time punk/rockabilly cat. A public records search turns up no prior arrests.

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Look, there ARE two sides to every story, and this is yet another sensationalized pit bull attack  piece. 

I actually know Eric and people who are close to him, and I can verify beyond a shadow of a doubt that the two people who were attacked by his dog provoked the situation, and Eric wasn't even outside when it happened. 

There were two shady kids hanging out by Eric's balcony when he and his girlfriend got home. Eric asked them to move, they told him to f*** off, and Eric's girlfriend later went outside to walk their dog. These two guys came back and pushed her down, and that's when Eric's dog bit them. If you watch the news clip on, Eric's neighbors even state that their dog is always on a leash, and that no one who was outside at the time saw or heard Eric provoke the attack. Oh, if you see Eric's mugshot and the stitches on his forehead, it's from the cops kicking in his door and he was trying to open it, and the security latch splitting his head open. 

Yeah... so, please, get off your freakin' pit bull-hating bandwagon and stop being ignorant. Eric's poor dog in quarantine right now all because it was being a good companion to its owner, and two delinquents are trying to seek revenge. I don't even want to think about what else could happen to him because of these stupid kids.

Jim C
Jim C

"He's also a big-time punk..."

I kinda knew what you meant - but still...

Has anyone issued the Alanis Morrisette alert yet?

Fat Bass Turd
Fat Bass Turd

Y'all don't be hatin' ... there's always two sides to every story.  Plus, two on one ain't fair odds, even if by law one was a minor.  Just 'cause the dude's got tatts and owns a pit bull don't make him criminal element; at least he unleashed the dog and didn't unload a magazine ...

Fat Bass Turd
Fat Bass Turd

That's what I said in my original post, feller.  Sorry your friend and his pooch are in a pickle, but people jump to conclusions too dang quick (and in yer buddy's case, sounds like the Nassau Bay police did, too)!  Accordin' to your post, it sounds like the culprits were bawlin' and those officers went into "assume mode".  If someone would've pushed my spouse down, our dog would've been the least of their worries.  As I implied, sounds like yer buddy at least kept his temper in check.

I posted 'cause I thought the story sounded slightly (real) one-sided, and now I got one Mr. Chigger Dawson runnin' his yap 'cause he don't like me typin' in redneck-ese.  Maybe I'll get the pleasure of runnin' into Chigger the next time I go see The Reverend Horton Heat (or one of my other favorite Rockabilly bands) so we can discuss some good old-fashioned southern etiquette ... the first beer's on me, Chigger!

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