A Drunken Wade Boggs Channels Garth Brooks (w/ VIDEO)

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1:22 -- Someone actually yells at Boggs to sing louder, which is funny for two reasons -- first, that means someone actually wanted to hear his dulcet tones, and second, the respect level for Boggs is at the point where lowbrow barflies are berating him for the volume of his singing.

1:31 -- "...well I'll be as high as that ivory tower...that you're BLHSIDH OOOHHHHH!!!" Huh?

2:09 -- The second verse mercifully trails off into some sort of mumbling ending. Now, in a Garth Brooks live show, this would normally mean the infamous "live concert only" third verse, complete with the colorful "kiss my ass" rhyme. In a perfect world, resetting to cue up the third verse should take all of five seconds, but Boggs is such a meandering, bumbling mess, you may as well be cueing up a relaunch of the space shuttle. It takes that long...

2:35 -- "Look at her...look at him...who gives a damn....I gotta say!" WOW.

3:10 -- The audience finally starts the third verse without him, and he is forced to listen along at what he should be singing. So theoretically, he never really sang the third verse.

3:47 -- "Yeah, it doesn't matter of the wind bloowwss....we don't need a BRHLDKSH..."

4:27 -- Someone yells "Don't quit your day job!" at Boggs.


Enjoy the incoherent ramblings of Hall of Famer Wade Boggs!

See, now wasn't that better than getting more bullshit from me about the 3-4 defense and the Texans' need for red zone proficiency? Of course it was!


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