Bobby Hebert Is Not a Fan of LSU Coach Les Miles's Conservative Game Plan (w/ VIDEO)

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Bobby Hebert ain't happy, cher.
Predictably, the BCS National Title game was, to use my good friend Jim Ross's phrase, "bowling-shoe ugly." Monday's game between Alabama and top-ranked LSU featured lots of hard hitting on defense, lots of mistakes on offense, and a few field goals. In fact, until Trent Richardson scored a touchdown late in the game, we were a few minutes away from seeing these two teams go 120 minutes of football time without putting the ball in the end zone.

The difference between this game and the first game this season between the two back on November 5 was that this time around, the game was completely one-sided. In manhandling LSU 21-0, Alabama held the Tigers to 92 total yards of offense and five first downs. In fact, LSU didn't cross midfield until there were eight minutes left in the game.

Needless to say, most of that goodwill from the LSU faithful banked by Les Miles during this season, including his escape from Nick Saban's shadow, was all forfeited by the end of the night.

LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson struggled all night long. When he wasn't hesitant, he was impatient. When he wasn't fumbling, he was skipping passes along the ground. For whatever reason, Miles stuck with Jefferson the whole way and never went to his backup Jarrett Lee for a spark (or even, if not a spark, something other than what Jefferson was providing because anything would have been an improvement).

As it turns out, I wasn't the only wondering about Les Miles's personnel decisions. Also keenly interested was Bobby Hebert. Most know Hebert as the former quarterback of the New Orleans Saints in the late '80s. Today, he is a very popular sports talk host in New Orleans and, most notably given last night's events, he is the father of LSU starting center T-Bob Hebert.

After last night's game, Hebert was in the media room at Miles's postgame presser (in full LSU garb) and was the first up on the microphone. Given that Hebert's son is a starting player on offense for the Tigers, the exchange is a tad cringeworthy (but very fun to watch). Here is the video with a transcript below:

Q. Coach, did you ever consider bringing in Jarrett Lee, considering that you weren't taking any chances on the field? Now, I know Alabama's defense is dominant. But, come on, that's ridiculous, five first downs. I mean, so it's almost an approach, I'll tell from you the fans' standpoint, that how can you not maybe push the ball down the field and bring in Jarrett Lee? So what if you get a pick six. It seems like the game plan that‑‑ not pushing the ball down the field, considering it's like a Rueben Randle or Odell Beckham, Jr. I know the pass rush of Alabama, but there's no reason why in five first downs‑‑ you have a great defense, LSU is a great defense, but that's ridiculous.

THE MODERATOR: Do you have a question?

Q. That's the question. Do you think you should have pushed the football more down field?

COACH MILES: I think if you watch our calls that we did throw the football down the field. We didn't necessarily get the football down the field. And I can tell you that the pass rush‑‑ we did consider Jarrett Lee. But we felt like with the pass rush that we were getting that we needed a guy that could move the seat and not sustain that pass rush.

You got to love Bobby Hebert's "question," which was about five parts parental frustration and one part actual question. Fortunately, Hebert's son is a senior so he won't have to run extra gassers or bleachers as punishment for his old man publicly questioning Miles in game tactics.



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