Annise Parker Orders City to Support Texans in Grimmest Picture Ever

Photo by Miya Shay
You vill support der Texans!!!
The pure joy of an NFL playoff run is captured here in a photo by KTRK's intrepid Miya Shay.

"Mayor @AnniseParker says Friday is #GoTexans day. Urges all to support @HoustonTexans, wear team colors," Shay tweeted.

We can't say for sure, but it looks like there will be stern penalties for anyone who dares ignore the mayoral diktat.

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I suppose if we're paying for them with our tax money, we are sort of compelled to be supportive when they win. Maybe we could wear appropriately-colored arm bands. 

It's like NBC's old "Must See TV." I hated "Friends," but... it wasn't called "Should See TV."

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