Abe Fiszer: Houston Fire Department Captain Resigns After Kiddy Porn Bust

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Abe Fiszer: 14-year-old Wyoming girl called him "daddy" in sexts, according to complaint.
According to a criminal complaint on file in the Harris County Courthouse, Saul Abraham "Abe" Fiszer, an 18-year-veteran of the Houston Fire Department, had been struggling with pornography addiction for some time. He and his wife had been working through it, and Fiszer had sought counseling.

Unfortunately, Fiszer allegedly kept the exact nature of his predilections to himself, and now he has lost his $68,000 salary as an HFD captain and seems likely to be losing much, much more than that, as he is facing three felony counts of possession of child pornography. (Not to mention another felony in another state.)

According to the complaint, Fiszer's wife notified police after she found out that Abe had been calling and texting a 14-year-old girl in Casper, Wyoming.

Mrs. Fiszer sent some texts posing as Abe and received answers back from the girl. In one, the girl said that she had been born in 1997. In another, she said she was upset with "daddy" (Abe Fiszer) because he had not been in contact with her for quite a while.

That was when Mrs. Fiszer dropped her mask. She called the number and told the girl that she was not, in fact, "daddy," but the wife of daddy.

According to the complaint, the young girl became very apologetic and begged Mrs. Fiszer not to tell her parents. Mrs. Fiszer did not heed that request, and also contacted the Casper police. Casper cops seized the girl's computer and cellphone and have opened an investigation into a possible charge of online solicitation of a minor against Abe Fiszer.

Meanwhile, Fiszer's troubles at home had only just begun. The complaint states that his wife confronted him about the Wyoming girl, and that Abe admitted that he had been chatting and swapping pics with her. He then reportedly became "very upset" and started talking about killing himself.

On January 10, Mrs. Fiszer handed police a laptop, thumb drive and cellphone records belonging to Abe. The next day, a police detective interviewed her. She told the policeman that Abe had confessed that there was kiddy porn on his laptop (a replacement for the one Mrs. Fiszer had hurled down a flight of stairs after a prior argument about Abe's porn consumption) and stated again that he wanted to kill himself.

The next day, a policeman called Abe and talked him out of killing himself long enough for a crisis intervention team to come to his Westside condo. Abe told the cop on the phone that he was suicidal because his secret was about to come out, and also said that he had tried to gas himself in his car, but the car had run out of fuel.

Abe Fiszer went on to tell the cop that he was a sex addict who not only looked at porn, but also frequented chat rooms and was involved in, as the complaint put it, "role playing, fantasies, and all sexual acts." And then Abe also admitted to the detective that he both looked at and traded images of child pornography through file-sharing.

Armed with a search warrant, on January 17, the detective picked up Fiszer's laptop from an evidence locker at HPD headquarters. After analysis in the forensics lab, police found four still images and two videos that they believe are kiddy porn.

(Three of the items are described in the complaint....Stop reading now if you are easily disgusted.)

Image #1 shows a nude white male child between four and seven years of age engaging in oral sex with a boy of the same age.

Image #2 shows a girl of between five and eight displaying her vagina.

And last, there's a video file in which a prepubescent girl showering, with close-ups of her vagina and anus.

Earlier today, HFD released the following statement:

"We, as a department, take these allegations very seriously. As a result of these allegations, I have opened up an Internal Affairs investigation that will run concurrently with HPD's ongoing criminal investigation," said Fire Chief Terry Garrison in a statement to the media released today.

The statement goes on to say that Fiszer was assigned to station 21 (South Main at West Bellfort) on the "C" shift. Ever since his arrest in early January, Fiszer had been suspended with pay, but he resigned today.

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Cynthia Torrez
Cynthia Torrez

Abe's wife had no knowledge of him being involved in child porn when the counseling was in progress, she thought it was with adult women. The wife found out from phone bills, not his cell phone about the girl from Wyoming and found out she was a minor and reported it to police.  

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