Texans Fans: 5 Reasons to (Try to) Hate Baltimore

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On the other hand....
The Houston Texans travel to Baltimore Sunday for the biggest game in franchise history, a game that could take them to the AFC championship.

So we need to build up a big hatred of Baltimore, right?

Turns out that's not so easy to do.

Five reasons to hate Baltimore and/or the Ravens, with caveats:

5. Step Up 2 The Streets was filmed there
On the other hand, so were The Wire, Diner, Homicide and Twelve Monkeys.

4. Their team's "traditions" are modern inventions
On the other hand, they got screwed by Colts owner Robert Irsay even worse than Oiler fans were by Bud Adams. (Although which is worse: Leaving the city in the middle of the night, or hanging for a couple of desultory lame-duck seasons?)

3. The Tex-Mex in Baltimore is really bad
Ah, but the crab cakes....

2. Ray Lewis is a thug
On the other hand, he does enough charity work to make Bob McNair happy.

1. They're a playoff team with Joe Flacco at quarterback
"Starting at quarterback, number 13....T.J. Yates!!!!"

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got tickets?
got tickets?

"Their team's "traditions" are modern inventions"

How is this any different that the Texans?

Jamey Rootes and his front-office lackeys are among the NFL's worst offenders when it comes to pandering to the lowest common denominator among fans, all while playing it safe amid an endless stream of manufactured "authenticity."

I suppose it is to his and McNair's credit, as they have built one of the most highly valued franchise in the NFL. Yet for long-time Houstonains and intelligent, genuine football lovers who follow the TEAM consistently, the front office's "feel-good, let's not offend anyone, and let's be everything for everybody" approach to marketing is down right insulting.

The beauty of Luv Ya Blue was in its sincerity. It came from the heart, minds and spirit of genuine, passionate fans. While today, we're force-fed the Bull Pen, Toro (aka Barney), a close roof on beautiful days and Clay Walker. All results of decisions made in conference rooms and marketing meetings – instead of grass-roots, vested interest in a team defined by the love of its fan base.

Can't take credit for it myself, but I've never heard it summarized better than this: the Texans are a marketing company that happens to own a football team.

All this said, GO TEAM. BEAT BALTIMORE. I feel genuine respect for the men on the field. But have almost none for those in the offices and owner's suite on Kirby.


Half a decade ago, I used to fly to Baltimore regularly to visit a boyfriend on the last Southwest flight out Friday nights. The last items loaded onto the plane every flight were the boxes and boxes of Gulf Crabs.  Those lauded crabcakes are ours.  The Chesapeake was over-crabbed years ago, and the restaurants on the harbor have to import from the Gulf.   

Jim C
Jim C

Word to Baltimore:  Tostitos and bean dip is NOT "Mexican food"!!!!

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