State Rep Scott Hochberg Retires (and Slams Astros' AL Move on the Way Out)

No DH for Hochberg.
Scott Hochberg, the Democratic state rep who's widely recognized as a guru on public-education issues, won't run for re-election, he announced today.

The man who represents a southwest-side district says it's time to move on.

"My decision should not be thought of as any commentary on the current political environment, the challenges ahead, or, for that matter, the disappointment of soon having to endure the designated hitter rule when watching hometown Houston baseball," he wrote in a letter to constituents.

American League hating! We like it.

Instead, Hochberg says, "It's simply my desire to move on to new challenges, and find some other ways to be of service to our community and state."

He's been in the House since 1993.

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He is most definitely an education policy guru and this is a huge blow for the education community in Texas.  This makes me even less hopeful about the future of education in Texas.  I hope he is planning to utilize his vast knowledge and connections to continue to work for Texas children.

Good Riddance
Good Riddance

*double rods*There's something for you to look at.

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