Splendora Cops Seeking Two Butt-Dumb Burglars

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Splendora cops 1.jpg
Splendora Police Department
Burglary Suspect #1. Note pensive expression and rad neck-chain tat.

Have you seen these two men? Splendora cops would like to know. That's because they say these two geniuses swiped the digital camera on which these photos were taken (along with a laptop, TV and a Wii) and then pawned it in Houston. Unfortunately for these two brainboxes, they forgot to delete the candid headshots they took with the camera before they hocked it.

splendora cops 2.jpg
Splendora Police Department
Burglary Suspect #2. The dumb criminals of the world salute you.

According to the Montgomery County Police Reporter, one of the suspects was also spotted on an electronics store's security camera wearing the hot camera around his neck.

The camera and the other items were taken in a home burglary on November 9. If you know either or both of these guys, call the Splendora Police Department at 281-689-3448. Your anonymity is assured.

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wigs uk
wigs uk

Criminals will always point to the police to leave traces and vulnerabilities


Quoteth Frank Pembleton: "Crime makes you stupid."

Fat Bass Turd
Fat Bass Turd

I think I done seen 'em drivin' a lowered beater Chevy p/u with lotsa chrome stick-on vents, pullin' a newer Honda Accord with the missin' Hyde Park Christmas tree strapped to the top of it.  Y'all can't miss that great big old "in-tow" sign in the back windshield, and they was headin' down 59 South ...

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