Seven People Nearly Killed by Runaway Cart at Cowboys Stadium (w/ CRAZY Video)

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Rise of the machine.
There are certain buildings in sports that are seemingly jinxed. Since the Red Sox finally got off the World Series schneid a few years back, Wrigley Field immediately comes to mind as the current titleholder for "bad luck mecca" as the Cubs haven't made a World Series in over a century, and have oftentimes missed in excruciating fashion.

But it's one thing for a venue to embody bad luck on the field. It's another thing altogether for a venue to become a legitimate threat to society's well-being.

Since its groundbreaking a few years ago, Cowboys Stadium in Dallas has seen injuries to a slew of those involved in the construction (including electrocution and a crane toppling onto some workers) and seen a sheet of ice fall from the roof onto some innocent people below during Super Bowl week earlier this year.

Saturday, we saw the next chapter in the house of horrors that is Jerry World.

From the Associated Press:

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) -- A runaway electric cart raced unmanned from an end zone to midfield at Cowboys Stadium and plowed into several people after a high school championship game Saturday night, bowling over the winning head coach and several others.

An emergency medical technician who declined identification told The Associated Press that one man who was conscious and talking was taken to a hospital with an apparent leg injury. The Arlington medical technician said he had no further information on the man's condition but several others hit or grazed by the cart were checked out by emergency workers as they sprawled stunned on the field.

Separately, a Texas sports league official said a male staffer also was injured, not seriously, when the cart raced across field in a matter of seconds during onfield celebrations after the Texas 5A Division II football championship game. That official also declined identification.

The cart toppled Spring Dekaney coach Willie Amendola, who was being interviewed near the Cowboys midfield star, along with several others clustered about him moments after Dekaney had beaten Cibolo Steele 34-14. Hundreds of people were scattered about the field or were in the stands at the time.

Here is the complete video. Watch this and then we will analyze it below:

0:18 -- Fresh off a state 5A Division II title, Spring Dekaney head coach Willie Amendola is meeting with the media at midfield conducting what I'm assuming was a jovial post-game interview. Little does he (and six others around him) know that they are about to become the pins in some sort of twisted game of "people bowling." (If this debacle happened on a fictional TV drama, this still shot is where the screen would cut to black as they went to break, kind of like in the Dukes of Hazzard when the screen would pause with the General Lee 100 feet in the air and Waylon Jennings wondering rhetorically what would be "next for the boys?!")


0:19 -- In an instant, everyone's afternoon changes. The ghost rider steering the cart knocks down seven out of ten pins (The three reporter/photographers that scurry out of the way are the only pins left for the cart to score a "people bowling" spare), including Coach Amendola (more on him in two seconds, literally) and some poor bastard who gets his left leg pinned underneath the front wheel and damn near suffers a Napoloeon McCallum-esque gruesome leg breaker.


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How the f does a cart just "take off"? Was pretty damn funny though.


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That whole thing sounds kinda crazy to me dude.www.Total-Privacy dot US


I haven't laughed that hard in a while Seanie. Great job!


Wasn't somebody killed by a tornado at the practice facility? 

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