Rigoberto Vargas-Munoz & Edgar Munoz-Munoz: Uncle-Nephew Big-Time Drug Dealers Busted

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A traffic stop
Two Houston-area men have been arrested and charged with running a large drug ring dealing marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine, the U.S. Attorney's Office announced.

Rigoberto Vargas-Munoz and his nephew, Edgar Munoz-Munoz, are both Mexican nationals living here illegally, the USAO says. They supervised an operation that brought the drugs across the border to Houston and then sent them on to points further north.

"Vargas-Munoz and his organization utilized ports of entry throughout the Southern District of Texas in attempts to smuggle their narcotics," the USAO says. "Between March 2009 and November 2011, Vargas-Munoz and his organization have been linked to nine separate narcotics seizures, the indictment indicates."

Parts of the indictment remain sealed, since they deal with suspects who have not yet been arrested, the USAO says.

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Writer for a Free Fishwrap
Writer for a Free Fishwrap

Not Mexican nationals, illegal aliens.

Wait, I thought "they're (cue the sad violin music) just here to work"??

Fat Bass Turd
Fat Bass Turd

Exactly!  Bet they pulled 'em over on 59 South, in a beater lowered Chevy with too many stick-on chrome vents pullin' a newer Honda Accord with a great big old "in-tow" sign in the back windshield and the missin' Hyde Park Christmas tree strapped to the top of it ... blah, blah-blah, blah-freakin' blah!  I ain't anti-hispanic by any means; but, if we don't do somethin' soon about these illegals (no matter what race, color, religion or creed) comin' over here and spongin', stealin', rapin', robbin' & killin' ... we's gonna be in some deep(er) deep sh¡t!  Wake up, sheeples!


Who the hell are you to say let's do something fucking racist... For your info that's not the way they were arrested... Everybody dreams of the American dream but not of a dumb ass (white American) cause I'm 100% sure your white. White people think they're the lords of the world.... Even tough I have whites and blacks in my family I pray they have better sense than you and all the other people that think that way...

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