Houston's Nine Members of Congress: Net Worth of Almost $400 Million

Welcome to Congress!
The Center for Responsive Politics has put out its list of the net worth of every member of Congress, and the Houston delegation are no slackers.

The nine representatives have a net worth estimated to be $392.4 million, which is a pretty impressive figure.

Actually, most of it comes from Rep. Michael McCaul, who CRP says is the second-richest member of Congress. His net worth is estimated to be $380.4 million.

The rest of the crew splits up the remaining $12 million, ranging from Al Green's $4.5 million to Ted Poe's $136,000.

The figures are only estimates, because the financial forms filed by federal officials only require broad ranges of income and assets. So, you know, McCaul could actually only be worth $258.6 million, which would be a shame.

The Houston list:
1. Michael McCaul, $380.4 million
2. Al Green, $4.5 million
3. Ron Paul, $3.6 million
4. Pete Olson, $1.4 million
5. Sheila Jackson Lee, $935,000
6. Kevin Brady, $551,000
7. Gene Green, $522,000
8. John Culberson, $337,000
9. Ted Poe, $136,000

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Look at those hogs go at the trough! Have you ever seen anything like it? They screw the taxpayer and take as much money as possible from us while lining their pockets with stock options, IPOs, gifts, campaign money, etc... from the the 1%, transnationals, and special interest groups. They literally whore their vote, which is supposed to make the nation and the American worker stronger, to these groups leaving the nation and the American worker worse off but their pockets bulging.


You guys know that net worth includes the value of your homes and retirement funds, etc. Aside from the one person, this seems like a stupid article.


LOL, the corruption and payoff business is booming I guess lol.www.Total-Privacy dot US


What's wild about the list is how far down you have to go before you hit a Rockefeller.  

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