Mike Leach: Former Tech Coach Partners with Houston Publisher of Strip-Club Guides

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Adult Quest: Proud partner of Mike Leach Football.
Texas football hasn't been the same since Mike Leach left Lubbock.

Not only have the Texas Tech Raiders struggled on the field, but the goofiness quotient has gone way down.

Leach has gone to Washington State, but he hasn't cut off all his Texas ties. Like the one where he partners with a Houston guy who publishes strip-club guides like Adult Quest and used to host a major annual porn-star party.

We've written before about John Gray, the Houstonian who was sued over the use of some pictures in his magazines.

His company's response to the complainer, in an e-mail titled "fuck you":

bitch your pics are public domain if ya don't wnt them usd don't put them on web ya dumb btch don't threatn me agin don't call I talked to mags they don't give a shit thers nothing ya can do so fck off.

So it's a classy outfit, to be sure.

Our sister paper Seattle Weekly has looked into the Leach-Gray connection, in which the two are partnering for next month's Casino Del Sol College All-Star Game in Arizona.

Check it out, and once more mourn the absence of Mike Leach in the Texas football scene.

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Trash like this remincent pf Spath and Craig James...any connection?


why are any of you bent out of shape for - have you seen your backpage ads?

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