Your Bus & Rail Is Free on New Year's Eve

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Happy New Year from Metro.
If your New Year's Eve plans include drinking past the point where it'd be wise to get behind the wheel, Metro's got your back.

All buses and light rail are free from 6 p.m. New Year's Eve until 6 a.m. New Year's Day, the agency announced.

Metro says it "wants to help individuals celebrating the arrival of the New Year a safe option
to get home rather than getting behind the wheel."

In terms of light rail, the offer is even better: Because the Texans have a home game Sunday, the train will be free then, too. (Reliant has been picking up the tab for home-game light rail since October.) So you can take your time before making that Walk of Shame post-hookup commute.

On Monday, by the way, Metro will be running on a Sunday schedule.


DWI, Metro

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Richard Doll
Richard Doll

Only problem with light rail is it doesn't run past midnight!


Yet it is illegal to be intoxicated on public transportation, or in public in general. Catch 22.  Too bad Ray Hill is sober.  It would make an interesting court challenge after an PI arrest on Metro.

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