LaDondrell Montgomery: Life Sentence for Robbery Thrown Out Because He Was in Jail at the Time

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LaDondrell Montgomery had a good alibi.
If you need an alibi for a robbery, "I was in jail at the time" seems like a pretty good one.

It wasn't good enough for LaDondrell Montgomery, though: He got a life sentence last month for a crime that happened while he was incarcerated.

That would be something a defense attorney might check, no? Not to mention Montgomery himself, who testified at the trial?

Apparently no one made the connection that the robbery in question happened abut nine hours before Montgomery was released from jail on an unrelated charge.

When someone finally figured it out, a motion for a new trial was filed, and prosecutors went along with it.

Judge Mark Kent Ellis granted it, although the Houston Chronicle reports he castigated attorneys for both sides at the hearing.

"It boggles the mind that neither side knew about this during trial," the paper reports Ellis said. "Both sides in this case were spectacularly incompetent."

Montgomery, 36, won't be getting out of jail, though. He faces five other counts of robbery, and court records show that seems to be his main profession.

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Far Too Far
Far Too Far

Poor LaDondrell maybe you could get another 5 life sentences in your upcoming trials. It appears you need to find another line of work, robbery doesn't seem to be your forte.


Just goes to show you how fucked up our justice system is.  I have absolutely NO faith in the system.  There are so many innocent people is prison and many who have died from death row.  I watched the movie "Conviction" last night, about one of these many cases.

William G
William G

Read the story, this guy is not innocent.  He did not do that particular robbery, but he did plenty others.  I mean come on, they guy's alibi is that he was in jail, not church.  He is scumb and even though he did not do that one, he did many other crimes that he was never arrested for, so one legal mishap is no big deal.

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