Justise Winslow: Your High-School Dunk of the Day

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Justise Winslow is only a sophomore at St. John's High School, but already he has the top schools in college basketball eager to sign him up.

Why? Maybe because of plays like the one below, which is spreading over the net.

Winslow was tossed out of the game for taunting after the dunk, according to reports. That'll teach him.

And some non-dunking highlights:

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St. John's? Kid must be pretty bright, too.


Yeah, but Ricky Winslow never did a damn thing in the NBA.  Here's his Wikipedia 'career'

University of Houston (1984-88)Cajacanarias La Laguna (1988-89)Milwaukee Bucks (1988-89)Estudiantes Bose (1989-90)Estudiantes Caja Postal (1990-93)Clear Cantù (1993-94)Pau Orthez (1994-95)Amway Zaragoza (1995-96)Fenerbahçe Istanbul (1995-96)Telekom Ankara (1996-98)Ulkerspor Istanbul (1998-99)Efes Pilsen (1999-00)

If is son is taunting after throwing down a good dunk against a 5'7" white point guard, well, I say he's following in Dad's footsteps.


He's the son of former UH (and Yates) star Rickie Winslow, one of the most graceful dunkers Phi Slama Jama ever produced. Even better than Benny Anders and Clyde.

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