John Lawrence, Who Got the Anti-Sodomy Law Tossed Out, Dies

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RIP John Lawrence.
The man who got the Supreme Court to toss out Texas's anti-sodomy law died last month, and the news came out over the holidays.

In a way it's not surprising that John Lawrence's death flew under the radar -- the man who helped grab headlines and shattered old laws about gays was a determinedly private person who didn't seek the limelight.

He died of a heart condition November 20, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The other man who got caught by police engaging in anal sex, Tyrone Garner, died of meningitis five years ago.

Awhile back we talked to the cop who made the arrest that led to history; it's interesting to think what would have happened if charges were not filed.

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By allowing our country to evolve past outdated notions of what's right and wrong between two consenting adults, so that a significant portion of our society doesn't have to live in fear of being prosecuted.

Justin S. Davis
Justin S. Davis

Freedom, equality, personal liberty, pursuit of happiness...nah, none of that makes "society better and our country stronger."


please dont confuse he and his partner's behavior for some noble social endeavor. having sex in public has been and still is lurid and base.

Justin S. Davis
Justin S. Davis

Guest, you're clearly the confused one here, as the two gentlemen in question were having sex in the bedroom of a private residence.

The whole case pertains to What Goes On Behind Closed Doors, and The Government's involvement therein.

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