A Festivus Miracle: Hyde Park's Stolen Christmas Tree Returned

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Not the Hyde Park tree.
We told you Monday how someone had stolen the traditional outdoor Christmas tree put up by the Hyde Park neighborhood in Montrose.

Dry those tears: The miracle we foretold occurred: The dude who took it returned it, and all is well.

"GREAT NEWS!!!! The Hyde Park Community Christmas Tree has been returned! Thanks to everyone involved that saved our spirit!!!!" was the message on the Facebook page of Stephen Hill, one of the organizers of the event.

CultureMap reports that the man who stole it -- and returned it on condition of remaining anonymous -- believed the tree had been abandoned.

"The person said he'd seen the local news reports and quickly realized the tree belonged to the neighborhood," Bodenhamer explained. "He saw the tree sitting in Lamar Park and thought it was abandoned. He said he brought the tree home to 'rescue it' and 'keep it safe.'

The tree had not yet been decorated.

So there you have it. Lifetime movie coming in 5, 4, 3......

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FUNNY !  Was probably drunk or high.  I have had similar things in my apartment "the day after".... Always best to return it, if you can remember where it goes.


Yeah, because people abandon10ft $150 Fir trees in parks 3 weeks before Christmas all the time, right??

Fat Bass Turd
Fat Bass Turd

Yeah ... I found it in the park ... it was about to be carried off by a pterodactylite for nesting material, so I RESCUED it ... yeah, that's the ticket!

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