Enron Field: 10 Odd Items for Sale on eBay

Gone but not forgotten.
Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of Enron's bankruptcy filing. How do you plan on celebrating?

You could run up huge charges on your credit card, act like you're rich and then keep making the minimum monthly payments with new credit cards until the whole scam falls apart. Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling would like that.

Or you could go on eBay and look for items related to the Astros' proudest days -- when they opened a new downtown stadium called Enron Field.

Here's 10 items to consider.

10 Seat cushion
"I was there"!!!! My ass was on this very seat cushion!!!

A better choice might have been "I don't recall whether I was there," to match testimony from Enron execs about meetings where shady dealings were discussed.

Current bid: $12.98

9. Pennant
Suitable for waving at perp walks.

Current bid: $49.99

8. Christmas ornament
Because the glow of that season's 72-90 record lasted easily until December. Hey, Astro fans would have taken it this past year.
Sold for: $15

7. Pin
First game played in August? Against the Mets? Sounds like some more fuzzy bookkeeping.

Actually, there were pins made for each team that came into Enron Field that season. Collect 'em all!!
Current bid: $7

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$5 buys my VHS tape of the first game there... lol....


I have a coffee cup, say "Enron 401k, only you decide."

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