Qian Feng: Dog-Poisoner No Show in Court for Sentencing

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Anyone know where this dude is?
A man who pled guilty to poisoning his neighbor's dogs failed to show up for sentencing today in Harris County District Clerk, his defense attorney confirmed. A bond forfeiture warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Qian Feng raised some hackles when he was arrested for allegedly lobbing strychnine-laced cheeseballs into the yard of his Rice Military-area neighbor Charlotte Liberda, who runs a dog rescue. Fortunately, no dogs died, but Feng was charged with a felony count of cruelty to non-livestock animals.

Feng pled guilty in November and faced a 30-day jail sentence with three years' deferred adjudication, plus restitution, attorney Brett Podolsky told Hair Balls. Podolsky said he had no idea where Podolsky is or why he didn't show up for sentencing.

Although Podolsky wasn't justifying his client's actions, he expressed frustration over what he felt was prosecutors' disproportionate response to many animal cruelty cases. He said that prosecutors are more likely to cooperate with defense attorneys on charges of choking a family member, as opposed to lesser charges of animal cruelty. He also expressed skepticism over the pet rescue advocates who he felt helped generate media coverage in a case that he felt, in the scheme of things, was minor.

"If they want to rally the troops, why don't they come to court with all the battered women and molested children and all the bad shit that's going on?" Podolsky said. But he also said he was a dog-lover and that "I'm not saying that it was [in] any way remotely justified...it was uncalled for. The dogs did nothing to anybody. They're just dogs. If you have a beef with the owner, talk to her, don't take it out on the dogs."

It's not clear whether or not Feng is an American citizen; the court has custody of his passport. The D.A.'s Office had no comment.

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Um, did anyone in the DA's office think to ask for his Chinese passport?


Dogs are better and more innocent than most people. That's why we protect them.

Anne F.
Anne F.

Disproportionate response, Mr. Poldolsky - really?  Obviously, as an attorney, you must realize that animal cruelty is often the first step to human cruelty. Harming an innocent animal IS  "bad shit" to copy the term you so eloquently used to express yourself.   Get a grip Mr. Poldolsky - if all animal abusers would be brought to justice perhaps there would not be so many battered women and molested children!  I hope Mr. Feng will be caught and returned to his native country. houston Animal Advocates will always rally the troops - there is a lesson to be learned here - ANIMAL ADVOCATES ARE PASSIONATE IN OUR PURSUIT TO STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!


With a haircut that villainous, why is a trial even necessary

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