DJ Christopher Lowe: Recruited Neighborhood Boys for Child Porn

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DJ Christopher Lowe will be going away for a long time.
A "stay-at-home dad" who often watched over neighborhood kids used them to produce child porn, federal prosecutors say.

DJ Christopher Lowe, 37, pleaded guilty today to eight child-porn counts. Police discovered him through an investigation of a child-porn user in Italy, and when they raided his Houston home last year, "more than 17,000 images and hundreds of videos of child pornography were found," the U.S. Attorney's Office says.

Prosecutors say Lowe watched over neighborhood children, "especially during the summers."

"All of the children used in the production of child pornography have been identified and were, at the time of Lowe's arrest, from age ten to as young as two years old," the USAO says.

Six local children were victimized, prosecutors say.

"One of the images found depicts Lowe's genitalia in the mouth" of one of the boys, who were aged two to 10 years old.

Lowe will be sentenced in March. He faces up to ten years for the one count of possession and a minimum of five and up to 20 years for the distribution of child pornography conviction. In addition, he faces 15-30 years for each of the six counts of producing child pornography.

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wigs uk
wigs uk

Children can involve sex crimes, sigh


and we can only pray the sentence will run consecutively and for god's sake not concurrent 


Two of the children he abused were his own sons. Worst. Father. Ever.


Seriously  - what kind of MOM are you?

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