Boner Beer Makers Suing Each Other Over Fraud Charges

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Boner problems.
When something so pure and holy as Boner Beer ends up with its key players in court filing suits, it just calls into question whether humanity can get along at all.

But, sadly, it's true. Two founders of the company are suing the other two founders, saying they defrauded them.

The fraud occurred as part of the company's move from just selling T-shirts that said "Boner Beer" to actually, you know, making beer. So verisimilitude has not always been a company motto or anything.

The suit claims that CEO Robert Lesch and CFO Wayne Wang used the corporate checking account for their own personal use.

The company began selling Boner Beer shirts, the suit says. "Within the first few months of business, the brand became wildly popular and people started asking, 'Where's the beer?' Demand to actually brew the beer became overwhelming," it says.

To actually begin making beer, the four founders, the suit says, sold stock -- 200,000 shares at $2 apiece.

One of the plaintiffs said that in October of this year, she was notified the corporate bank account was overdrawn.

"At that time, the officers requested a meeting with Lesch. Lesch admitted to the misappropriation of funds and asked to be given a chance to 'right his wrong.'

"Several days later, Lesch and Wang knowingly and deliberately distributed a falsified set of corporate financials and gave them to their fellow officers for distribution to existing and potential new shareholders."

The suit will be heard in Harris County.

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Wait a minute, wait a minute...the CFO of Boner Beer is Mr. Wang. Perfect. And I liked how you slipped that in without even mentioning it...that's what she said! Ok, enough juvenile humor for the day. 


I've missed you Wfff, and all your charms! (and yes, that is exactly who would drink that shit and buy those shirts)

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