Bethany Solomon: How Not to Pose for Your Mugshot When You're Accused of Intimidating a Witness

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Trinity County Constables Office
Bethany Solomon: The rage is strong in this one.
A Trinity woman has been arrested for the second time this month, and this time police say she tried to intimidate a witness in her first case.

Back on December 2, Solomon, 26, and 49-year-old Gena Williams were arrested after they allegedly sold meth to an undercover agent of the Trinity County Constables Office. Trinity County Constable Woody Wallace later told the media that a third woman who allegedly sold for Williams and Solomon turned herself in along with all of her drugs. That third woman was never named.

Wallace's officers later raided the home Solomon shared with life partner Williams and found almost $1,500 cash, a meth stash, prescription pills, some weed and a few guns.

And now Solomon is back behind bars after Constable Wallace alleged that she threatened someone who cooperated with him in the meth investigation.

What she is alleged to have said to the informant is unclear, but to our eyes that mugshot alone is terrifying enough to merit a charge of attempted witness intimidation.

Harris County documents sketch a rough outline of Solomon's early life. Apparently she spent much of the 2000s living in Houston's Fourth and Fifth Wards and working as a prostitute, beginning when she was only 17 years old, which was when she was arrested for the first time. Between 2003 and 2007, Solomon racked up two felony convictions for prostitution and another for cocaine possession, and was also convicted of several misdemeanors, including unlawfully packing a pistol and criminal mischief.

Solomon has a child she was hoping to win custody of earlier this summer, according to her Facebook page. That dream seems farther away than ever at this point.

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Bethany Soloman is living in Bartlesville, Ok now and is posting to local facebook classified sites offering Baby sitting for new years eve and any other time.... I almost went to meet her and leave my kids with her this coming tuesday night for new years and I decided to google her name and this is one of many stories I found about her. My kids will definately not be going to stay with this woman!! Isn't there something someone can do to keep this woman from baby sitting anyones kids!???


Looks like her head could spin 360 at any minute.


Mugshot?  I thought it was one of her "glamour shots".


perfect punk rock cover (her pic)


Knowing CPS, (as I painfully do) they'll make the foster parents or prospective adoptive parents take the kid to visit this (alleged) criminal, (if convicted) in the slam.

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