Angry Birds, Shazam & Evernote: My 10 Favorite Apps of 2011

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3. Shazam
It's hard to imagine what we did in the old days when we didn't know the name of a song. I do remember back in the stone ages having to wait for a deejay to say the song title after 30 minutes of nonstop tunes on the radio. Today, there's Shazam. I've told people before that it's basically a miracle. Hold your phone up to the speaker and, if the song exists in one of the more popular databases, it will tell you what it is. It doesn't work on everything, especially less mainstream stuff, jazz and classical, but it's damn incredible nevertheless.

2. Echofon
Twitter is built for the mobile environment. Its short messages are similar to texting and scrolling through messages is easy and engaging. There is simply no better Twitter app than Echofon. I've tried them all; nothing compares to it and it continues to improve. If you use Twitter and have a smart phone, you should have Echofon and just pony up the extra for the pro version. It's worth it.

1. Evernote
I detailed in this post how Evernote has literally organized my life. Since that time, the app interface has gotten better and I consider it one of the best apps on the market. I use it every day on my computer and on my phone. I don't know what I did before I had it and I probably depend on it a little too much. That's saying something.

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Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson

Great choice for number 1, Jeff. I've been using Evernote on my iPad since it came out. My only problem with Evernote is that they keep adding stuff to it that I don't have time to fully figure out. I have the feeling I'm only taking advantage of about 10% of what Evernote can now do. Also, take a look at Skitch, the latest app in the Evernote toolkit. Skitch was around before Evernote, but Evernote has made it simpler and easier to use.


Dude that may well be the coolest thing I have ever seen dude.www.Total-Privacy dot US


I picked up Evernote after reading your original article on it, and I agree... it's a game-changer.

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