Angry Birds, Shazam & Evernote: My 10 Favorite Apps of 2011

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6. Facebook
In 2011, Facebook finally put some time in on its woeful app and the improvements were marked. The interface now delivers an experience much more akin to the actual Web site. It isn't perfect. There are still glitches. But, it has come a substantial way in a short period of time and I find myself much happier using it now.

Yahoo! Sportacular's got all the info you need.
5. Yahoo! Sportacular
This fantastic sports app ranked number two on my list of the nine best fantasy sports apps. But, it is the clear number one for sports apps in general. It has everything a sports fan could want. I called it "my sports app of choice" and I stand by that.

4. The Weather Channel
This app ranked number one on my list of the nine best weather apps (I was into 9s this year, I guess) and it still occupies a constant spot in my top five most used apps. It may not get as in-depth as some other more nerdy apps, but it is dependable, stable and filled with great information. Whenever I want an update on the weather, I go straight to it.

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Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson

Great choice for number 1, Jeff. I've been using Evernote on my iPad since it came out. My only problem with Evernote is that they keep adding stuff to it that I don't have time to fully figure out. I have the feeling I'm only taking advantage of about 10% of what Evernote can now do. Also, take a look at Skitch, the latest app in the Evernote toolkit. Skitch was around before Evernote, but Evernote has made it simpler and easier to use.


Dude that may well be the coolest thing I have ever seen dude.www.Total-Privacy dot US


I picked up Evernote after reading your original article on it, and I agree... it's a game-changer.

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