What the "Top 10 Stolen Vehicles" List Says About Houston

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Stolen, by manly men.
Every month Houston police put out a list of the most-often stolen vehicles, a list that defines what are either the most vulnerable or most desirable members of our automotive society.

This month's is out....what does it tell us about Houston?

3. Our car thieves want you to "Buy American"
Yeah, we know Hondas are actually made all over America and are more American than American pie. You think you can imagine a Honda ad with Ray Charles's plaintive wailing of "America the Beautiful"? You can't.

Houston's car thieves know a foreign car when they see one, and they know the only way they can get Houstonians to stop buying them is by stealing them as often as possible. That's why "Honda cars" were the number-one stolen vehicle of the month.

The boys who stormed the beaches at Tarawa, Iwo Jima and Okinawa thank you, car-stealers.

2. We buy a silly amount of trucks
Face it, if you watch sports in Texas, you're going to be inundated with ads featuring ultra-manly trucks in slow motion demolishing a vast array of fearsome obstacles, as macho music explodes in the background and Sam Elliott or some other deep-voiced actor rumbles on about what a handshake means to a Texan or some such crap.

Whatever they do, it works. Number two most-stolen vehicle? Chevy trucks. (Car-stealers love Ray Charles, too!). Number two: Ford trucks. Number three: Dodge trucks.

1. Not only do they still make Buicks, they still steal them
Your grandpa must have forgot to lock the doors again. Ninth-most stolen vehicle: Buick cars.

The list:

1. Honda Cars 192
2. Chevrolet Trucks 154
3. Ford Trucks 121
4. Dodge Trucks 79
5. Toyota Cars 39
6. Chevrolet Cars 36
7. Ford Cars 35
8. GMC Trucks 34
9. Buick Cars 24
10. Nissan Cars 20

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extended auto warranty
extended auto warranty

good read. I would say when giving advice to self pleasure to the bible you should recommend passages from Songs of Solomon. Some of that is pretty graphic. 


Compare the most-stolen-car list with most-registered-brand-car list and see what you come up with.  It shouldn't be too surprising that the most-owned cars are also the most-stolen cars.

Secure Our Border NOW
Secure Our Border NOW

Our uninvited guests from the South steal Ford F250s because they can fit alot of illegal aliens in them. When/if they ever get pulled over by the Border Patrol they drive the truck off road as far as they can go and then all hop out and scatter. They are really easy to break into.


So--they steal them here, then drive them over the Border so they can drive back?  

What's the source of your "knowledge"?

Secure Our Border NOW
Secure Our Border NOW

Yes, as a matter of fact they do.

Firsthand knowledge. This has happened to 3 of my good friends. All of them had their Ford F250s stolen and then used to smuggle illegal aliens in.  It's a weel kown fact it occurs.

By the way, the morning sun really shows your age. he he

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