More Drought Victims: The Trees of T.C. Jester (w/Photos)

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Photos by Monica Fuentes
It smelled like Pine-Sol near the intersection of 43rd and T.C. Jester this morning, but for a depressing reason: A major culling of the beloved trees in the area.

The drought is to blame, most likely; the city has been taking down trees that have died of thirst and have become dangerous should a windstorm hit town.

The trees need to come down, we guess, but it's a sad thing to see.


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I live in the area and lost 3 of the 4 in my yard as well. Losing the trees hurt bad enough, but having to pay an additional $1000 to have the trunks hauled away is like rubbing salt in the wound. :(  Anyone know if any good stump grinders/wood removal folks??

Tunnel Mole
Tunnel Mole

at the very least, they should ship 'em to a biomass plant--or do we only have fossil-fueled gen plants here?

sorry to see them go....


I have cursed the existance of most of those trees while playing disk golf.. But i really didnt mean it.. Sigh..


Sad to see them go, but glad that the city is doing the right thing by cutting them down now.  They are all just a tinderbox ready to ignite!  With hopefully cooler weather on the way, I'm glad the errant spark from a fireplace won't have the oppotunity to start a fire that could potentially take out entire neighborhoods and businesses.


Does anyone know what the city is doing with all the felled trees? I remember after Ike that the city's mulch plants were at full capacity, and many trees were taken to landfills. I'm curious if this will happen again.

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