Top 10 Vintage Things We Miss About Football

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Tear-away jerseys, the XFL and concussion-causing headhunters aren't things we miss about football.

We pine for these ten items.

10. Uniforms That Don't Suck
This mostly applies to college football, where repeat offenders Oregon were joined by Georgia, Ohio State, Maryland and Syracuse (pictured) in wearing dumb stuff.

Syracuse's intimidating melon orange gear.
9. Neck Rolls
The ivory-colored, sausage-shaped foam protectors behind a player's neck were supposed to prevent whiplash. Always seemed more of a fashion statement for folks like Eric Dickerson and Chris Spielman.

8. Good Announcers
Pretty much every game ever is televised, which means a watered-down crew of broadcast journalism and communication graduates are on the microphone vomiting clichés. College announcers on Fox Sports Net and talking heads on CBS for pros are especially lame.

7. Football on Baseball Diamonds
This still happens for a month-plus in Oakland and Miami, but they're the last of the multipurpose-field era.

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The thing I miss the most is quarterbacks that would actually let someone tackle them.  None of that sliding nonsense. 


#6.  Defensive coordinators not raping little boys.


Um, what about the actual plays, downs, quarters? I watched my first game in 20 years, (my favorite player ever is Jim Plunkett, yeah, I'm old) and amid the music, (really, they could've ditched Hank Jr. years ago) the dancing, the celebs, and the annoying banter, I was ready to change to cartoons by half time. My Mrs. has two cousins in the NFL and their teams were playing or I wouldn't have watched this turkey show otherwise.

Baseball, basketball, even hockey makes for better, actual game, entertainment.


Comment of the day, part two, the sequel. Right there, y'all. Keep bringing it, R.

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