Enjoy Our Playground!! Our Deadly, Alligator-Infested Playground

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alligator playground.jpg
Photo by Gary Beaver
Ah, playground memories!
Driving around the more rural parts of Fort Bend County, we found this playground tucked inside a subdivision.

When you count your blessings, you might be grateful this isn't your childhood playground.

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That particular sign happens to be in an acreage subdivision off of FM 1462 in Brazoria County, same difference

Tunnel Mole
Tunnel Mole

LOL! And there's a lot of "sharks" in River Oaks, West U and Tanglewood.

Everyone's got something...ours were rattlesnakes, tarantulas and horny toads. West Texas, dontcha know.


"Driving around the more rural parts of Fort Bend County,"

And you were able to make that distinction based on...?


LMAO! I grew up in Refugio,Texas and in the late 90's they redid our park complete with trails, a soccer field and a basketball court. We also had a "beware of alligators sign" on the embankment behind the court. I can't tell you how many balls we had roll in the creek that ran through it, and we left them in there. Only once did an alligator actually come out of the water. We were more worried about snakes.

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