Shaun Ruff: Goes to Hug Suicidal Friend, Gets Accidentally Shot

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Hospitalized but expected to survive
Talk about no good deed going unpunished: Shaun Ruff was with a friend in a Galveston Island rental home this weekend, attending the Lone Star Rally.

The friend was in bad shape, the Galveston County Daily News reports: He was in the middle of a divorce and was distraught about it, talking about suicide.

He grabbed a gun and said he wanted to die. Ruff went and hugged him, presumably for both emotional support and to stop the possible suicide.

But the gun went off, and the bullet passed through the man's brain, killing him -- and then continued on to hit Ruff in the head.

Ruff has been hospitalized, but is expected to survive.

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This is so horrible! What a terrible tragedy. That trying to prevent a death would cause his own. I will keep this young, his family and his friend in my prayers.


So sad. Shaun is a great guy, and it doesn't surprise me that he would try to be there for a friend no matter what.

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