12 Odd, Racy Thanksgiving Pin-Ups of Scantily Clad Women (Semi-NSFW)

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Sexy turkey time
Is Thanksgiving the un-sexiest holiday ever? Maybe. Unless the possibility of drunken sex with your tipsy divorced aunt or uncle trips your trigger, of course.

But America -- back when it really was America -- was not going to be dictated to by prudes trying to keep the hawtness out of the day. The pin-up industry worked hard to come up with turkey-themed product, and the results were....odd, to say the least.

It helps, of course, that a turkey is perhaps the least-sexiest animal imaginable, outside of a camel. But even if the photographers just stuck with a Pilgrim theme, you can still feel the desperation.

Here are 12 attempts to bring sexy back to Thanksgiving.

12. Kinky
So the Pilgrims were into a little handcuff/S&M? It would have livened up every high school production of The Crucible.

11. Subtle
"Check out dis ass, fellas!!!" (Helpful locator arrow included.) And isn't the whole point of Thanksgiving the peaceful celebrating between Pilgrims and Native Americans? On the other hand, it wouldn't be the last time a Thanksgiving dinner devolved into violence.

10. A beer bong!
Or maybe it's a blunderbuss. Because, you know, that turkey could go into kung-fu self-defense mode any second now.

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#1 That is a necklace not handcuffs. #6 It is a crown, not a glass of water.

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