Pot-Filled Plane Abandoned in What Must Have Been a Wrenching Decision

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Flying high.
Your landing at a remote exurban airport has not gone smoothly, due to malfunctioning landing gear.

Seeing as your plane is filled with weed, you certainly don't want to sit around and wait for rescue vehicles. But, seeing as your plane is filled with weed, you certainly hate to abandon it.

Some pilot made the wrenching decision to leave the marijuana behind last night after landing at an airport in Waller County about 7 p.m.

The plane did not contact anyone at the airport before setting down, and by the time authorities reached it, whoever had been inside was long gone.

Several law-enforcement agencies fanned out to search, but without success.

There is no official estimate on how much pot was seized, but Waller County sheriff's deputy John Kremmer told reporters, "You could certainly classify it as a lot more than just personal use." Which, to be fair, may say more about Waller County sheriff's deputy John Kremmer than it does about how much pot was found.

The plane had not been reported stolen, and authorities are trying to track its owner.


Drugs, weed

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About the same time a vending machine was broken into and all the cheetos were gone.


Heh, you only *think* the pilot left it all behind. No one knows how much was there to begin with.


Free Mexican Airforce?


And no one knows what was there before WCSD took their cut...

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