Occupy Houston: Some Arrests Made As Traffic Is Blocked

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Screencap from KTRK
Above is a screencap from KTRK's helicopter coverage of an Occupy Houston protest at the north end of town.

Several arrests have been made, peacefully, for blocking traffic. Right now things look to be relatively calm.

Occupy Wall Street protests have heated up in other cities today and this week; right now it looks like Houston is not causing too much trouble.

Update: The protesters have left the intersection of Franklin and Commerce, and everything appears to be over.

Interesting tweet from HPD today: "HPD Chief McClelland states Occupy Houston movement has had open lines of communication with police and it had been appreciated. "

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*one side*Rabble rabble rabble!*other side*Damn hippies, get off my lawn!



Hypocrisy Abounds
Hypocrisy Abounds

What you do when they throw one of their little tantrums in the middle of the street is pull your vehicle within a few inches from their faces and then lay on the horn. :)

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