Music Editor Chris Gray Getting Even Better

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Photo by Margaret Downing
Chris Gray can laugh now.
Houston Press Music Editor Chris Gray, who has been hospitalized since Friday when he collapsed at a Metro light rail station on his way to work, suffering an apparent heart attack, has improved enough that doctors are talking about sending him to a rehab facility in a few days for physical therapy, his dad said today.

We visited with Chris in his hospital room and found a) he's laughing quite a lot and b) not talking much other than to say "Yeah!" fairly frequently. He did get out an: "I love music" toward the end of our visit, but anyone who knows him already knew that.

Known as a work horse -- that's why we knew something was wrong last week; Chris is always one of the first people in the office every day -- he did find a great deal of humor in one of our statements.

Told that he was missing all the last-minute work that goes into putting together our annual Music Awards showcase edition (due out November 10) but that a lot of his friends, fellow staffers and freelancers were hustling to cover it in his absence -- Chris laughed and laughed and laughed.

Not to be saccharine, but jeez that was a great sound.

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