Popcorn Fart of the Year -- CBS's Mike McQueary Interview

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The historic Snow Globe Interview, shortly after it began and shortly before it ended.
"Tonight on Evening News Mike McQueary breaks his silence and opens a window for me into his emotions." -- Armen Keteyian on Twitter yesterday late afternoon

At about 4:45 yesterday afternoon, it was this tweet that compelled me to stay at work for another 45 minutes for fear that I would get stuck in traffic and miss the first run of Keteyian's exclusive interview on the CBS Evening News with the current Penn State recruiting coordinator and alleged witness to an episode of Jerry Sandusky's raping a ten-year-old boy.

Of all the players in this most horrific of scandals, we had heard from virtually everyone else, short of the victims -- Sandusky on NBC, Joe Paterno at his back window, Graham Spanier via press releases.

McQueary is the one guy left who was still not humanized. To this point he was just some coach sending in plays on stock footage.

Yeah, there's YouTube and, sure, I could set my DVR, but this was a big enough deal for me to want to see it as it happened, not on tape and not playing out on Twitter.

So I settled in, pen in hand to write down notes so I could discuss the interview on my show. 5:31 hit. The "interview" never made it to 5:32.

What we got was hardly an interview. Hell, it was barely a brief conversation. We got McQueary saying he's really not able to talk, Keteyian asking him what his emotions were, and McQueary saying that things were crazy...like a "snow globe."

And that was it.

Naturally, the Twitterverse began immediately annihilating Keteyian with barbs about Al Capone's vault, windows into emotions, and snow globes. People were killing him, and rightfully so. On the heels of Bob Costas's riveting interview with Sandusky on Monday, CBS and Keteyian came across as totally desperate, flailing at having something, anything that could match up.

And as heightened as everyone's stress level is relative to this story, Keteyian's tweet and the "hype" surrounding this non-event of a piece came across as a little bit sick.

Keteyian defended the piece this morning on 106.7 in Washington D.C., saying the following:

"Criticize or whatever you want, but I can tell you that my job is to stay on the story or in front of the story," the veteran reporter said. "And if ABC or NBC or CNN or ESPN had that moment with Mike McQueary, they would have played it just like we played it."

Yeah, they would have played it, and hell they might have even overpromoted it like Keteyian did, but that doesn't mean it was the right tactic. Guaranteed if Keteyian and CBS had just put together a two-minute update package on "the latest from State College" and embedded that clip with McQueary in the middle of it without exaggerating its significance, plenty of outlets would have picked it up and given CBS credit for its hustle, likely even carrying Keteyian on McQueary's front stoop.

Basically, the same amount of publicity for CBS without the scorn and the eye-rolling.

So that's where we are with this story now from a media standpoint, networks trying to one-up each other with the "exclusive" on the next brick to fall out of the wall. Not surprising, but no less infuriating.

"I didn't 'hype' anything, exclusive or otherwise. Honest about what we got -- a glimpse into [McQueary's] shaken emotions. What? We don't run it?" -- Keteyian on Twitter an hour after the piece ran

Run it, Armen. Just don't sell it as something it's not. It makes me crazy.

Crazy like a snow globe.

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Prof Topkat
Prof Topkat

Here is an interview with one of the principals in the Penn State scandal:

Q&A WITH AN EYEWITNESS TO A CHILD RAPEby Adolf der Schweinehund / The Schalotte / November 16, 2011 

A key witness to the child rape by Jerry Sandusky agreed toanswer some questions if I wouldn’t use his name in The Schalotte.


Q: Sir, I appreciate your willingness to answer somequestions regarding what you saw on the night of March 1, 2002.


A: Well, I don’t think the attorney I hired would want me toanswer any questions, but since your publication is not anything like The NewYork Times or the Washington Post, I’m willing to have a go at it.


Q: Can you tell me what happened that night?


A: Well, I went to our locker room …


Q: Excuse me for interrupting, but what do you mean by ourlocker room?


A: That’s the Penn State football team’s locker room.


Q: OK, go ahead …


A: Well I went there to put a pair of sneakers in mylocker.  When I got to my locker, I thinkit was around 9:30 p.m. that Friday night, I heard a strange noise coming fromthe showers.  When I took a look see, I…Holy fucking shit! … I saw coach Sandusky holding a kid, I guessed he wasbetween nine and ten, against the wall and … Holy fucking shit! … he was givingthat kid a fucking blow job.


Q: Now, the grand jury report said you turned around withoutdoing anything and went to your father’s house.


A: Well, that’s not exactly right.  I was in complete shock, I mean CoachSandusky giving some young kid a fucking blow job! Yeah, I got the hell out ofthere but it’s not true that I didn’t do anything.  I made sure that coach Sandusky saw me, thatI saw what he was doing to that poor kid. That made him stop and that’s when I left.


Q:  Instead ofleaving, why didn’t you kick the shit out of Sandusky and haul him off to thecops?


A: Well, in retrospect, I guess you’re right.  I should have kicked the living shit out ofthat bastard, for sure, and made a citizen’s arrest, or whatever you callit.  But you gotta understand, I was inreal shock!


Q: Now, you emailed a friend and told him that you stoppedthe rape in a non-physical way … by that I suppose you meant that you made sureSandusky saw you … and that you also notified the cops and the Penn Stateadministrator in charge of the police. When did you do that?


A: I think it was the next day, but you know I was still inshock, it could have been the day after that. I went to the campus police station and told the cop on duty what I hadseen.  He said something like, “Holyfuck, you gotta be kidding me!”


Q: What happened next?


A: Well he called his supervisor.  He came to the station and had the samereaction when I told him what I had seen Sandusky doing to that kid.  He phoned someone, maybe the campus policechief.  After a while, some guy shows upin his pajamas and a bathrobe.  I’m notsure, but it I think it was the chief. They had me tell him what I saw and, I kid you not, he almost passedout.  When he regained his composure hetold me that due to the sensitive nature of this case, I had to keep quietabout it.


Q: Did you, I mean did you keep quiet?


A: Well not exactly. I didn’t much care for the cops’ reaction, telling me to keep quiet andall that.  I wasn’t sure what they weregoing to do, if anything, so I got ahold of the university vice-president incharge of the police and told him what I had seen Sandusky doing.


Q: What did he do?


A: Well, he said he knew all about it because the chief hadjust told him.  He put his arm around meand told me that if word got out, this could destroy Penn State’s footballprogram and have a devastating effect on the whole university.  He told me to go home, have a couple ofbeers, relax and let him figure out how they were going to handle this.  And that’s the last I heard about this until Igot a summons to testify before the grand jury earlier this year.


Q: The university says that there is no record of your evercontacting the police and the vice-president denies you ever told him whatSandusky had done.  What’s the deal?


A: I’m not surprised. All I can tell you is that I did tell them that I saw Sandusky givingthat kid a fucking blow job.  They’rejust trying to cover their asses for not doing anything about it.


Q: I just heard that you’ve been barred from the Penn Statecampus.  Is that right?


A: Yes, that’s right. And I’m sure they’re getting ready to fire me too.  You know, it’s the shoot the messenger thing.


Q: OK, one more question. Have you been telling me the absolute truth?


A: Yes sir, I have, so help me God! 


Q: Well, good luck to you and thanks for being so candidwith us.


A: That’s OK.  I justwant to say one more thing.  My life hasbeen hell for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been threatened by those who believe I didn’t do anything, didn’tgo to the cops.  And others, I thinkthey’re alumni, have threatened me because I told the grand jury what I saw …they claim that I am the one who has done irreparable harm to coach Paterno andto the university.  I need more than justa couple of beers Mr. Schweinehund ... I did get your name right, didn't I?  





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