Lamest Cop Impersonator Ever Gets Arrested

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An iPhone looked like this?
The mind of a 17-year-old male is a wondrous thing to behold, especially because oftentimes it isn't working properly.

Take the case of one unnamed Montgomery County teen who, according to the police blotter, now faces charges of impersonating a public servant.

Sure, it might mess up the kid's chances of getting into Harvard, but we're sure it was worth it:

[The complainant] advised that while driving on Dobbin Huffsmith Rd. a vehicle pulled behind him and displayed a flashing red and blue light in the front windshield. [The complainant] pulled over expecting to be approached by a police officer but instead the suspect vehicle drove around and yelled "Gotcha."


Unfortunately for the kid, the guy who pulled over got a license-plate number. Cops found the owner, who told them his grandson had been using it.

"Deputies found that the suspect had used a phone app on his iPhone to make it flash red and blue," the report states.

A genius, in so many ways.

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