James Franco on the UH Campus? Officials Know Nothing About It

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Coogs, have you seen this man?
Twitter is exploding locally with alleged sightings, or rumors of sightings, or alleged rumors of alleged sightings, about James Franco being on campus today.

Franco, of course, was accepted into the university's respected Creative Writing program earlier this year, but put off his classes at least until next fall.

UH spokesman Richard Bonnin tells Hair Balls he's aware of the tweets, but he's checked with the relevant people and they say there's no reason he'd be on campus.

"I checked with our folks in the Creative Writing program, and they say he hasn't been in to see them and they don't have anything scheduled," he said.

Franco might need to fill out some further paperwork at some point, he said, but the relevant people hadn't heard he was coming to do so.

So maybe it's a look-alike. MAYBE TWITTER IS WRONG, perish the thought.

Or maybe Franco came to bask in the pre-CUSA Championship Game atmosphere of his new school.



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Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith

Maybe he just felt like stealing a bicycle!  (Go Coogs)


Maybe he's just hanging out? Houston can be a fun place sometimes. 

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