Gregory Longoria Jr.'s Ballsy Defense: Victim Wanted to Be Spanked, Strangled & Burned

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Gregory Longoria says it was all consensual.
When your crime is so heinous that the sheriff holds a news conference just to excoriate you, you know it's going to be tough getting a jury on your side.

Gregory Longoria Jr. is on trial for choking, assaulting and using a lighter to burn the breasts and genitalia of a woman he knew. His defense, as offered yesterday by his attorney Casie Gotro: The woman was a submissive who enjoyed playing such "adult games."

Here's the Houston Chronicle's description of opening arguments:

Gregory Longoria Jr., on trial for assaulting his estranged wife, watched as one of his lawyers adjusted her black skirt and jacket and bent over a table in front of a dozen wide-eyed jurors to describe a long night of rough sex.

"Yes, I like to be spanked," attorney Casie Gotro quoted the victim as saying.

Gotro stood up, sparked a cigarette lighter and continued quoting Longoria's common-law wife, "I also like to play with fire."

Kinkiest trial ever?

The woman, Gotro says, will testify on Longoria's behalf.

Prosecutors began presenting witnesses who dealt with the woman after the incident, including law enforcement and medical professionals. They testified she was scared and shocked.

Longoria and the woman had a child -- who was in another room during the alleged 17-hour assault -- but had separated.

Prosecutiors will try to convince the jury that the woman has recanted her story under duress or simply the influence of Longoria.

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The so called victim has a history of sleeping with married men and in fact called a married man she had an affair with prior to seeking medical attention or official police contact. She has several.children by several men and has destroyed more than one relationship. She drove herself to the hospital a day after the alleged assault, not the same day. What happened was she willingly participated and when she decided she needed medical attention because she was in pain she had no choice but to report it as she did. The hospital would havd no matter what. Today, she continues to contact the married man and behave in an inappropriate and slutty way. As far as im concerned Julie should get worse but at God hands; not through concentual rough sex.

Joe Mamma
Joe Mamma

My girls poop on me then stab my legs with red hot coat hangers....


My girlfriends often like their nipples torn off during sex as well as being burned with a lighter, and an excellerant.


I hope your being sarcastic! I'm all for a lil roughness in the bedroom. Ur this is just sick!! She shouldnt be able to retract her statement against him, nor should she want to! I say fry the fucker!!

Bruce Edmund Carroll
Bruce Edmund Carroll

you mean fry his manhood? if so, I am all for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh by the way, I love seeing women riding the sybian while bound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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